The second compilation of music from the GTA series


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  • Works under: Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows 95
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Rockstar Games

GTA Volume 2

Highly addictive retro fun with plenty to do.

This is a 2D game where you control a poorly rendered little man that can be as law abiding as you desire. Have him drive on the correct side of the road and obey every law as he travels along. Or, you can smash, grab, burn and blow up the town as you blaze through the missions leaving a path of destruction. It is a retro game that by today’s standards looks terrible, but hop in a few cars and have a buzz around and you will remember why you loved this game all those years ago.

You Will Hate Yourself For Playing, But You Won’t Stop

Even these days when PCs have the most advanced graphics of all consoles combined, it is hard to deny that GTA 2 is fun and addictive. For the first ten minutes, you will probably dislike the game because of the graphics and how primitive it is, and then something will happen.

Maybe it will be that you fist discover a flamethrower, maybe it will be the thrill of getting three stars (police heads) and not going to a re-spray shop, or maybe it will be the thrill of mowing down a row of monks with a truck. There will be something that wins you over, and before you know it, you will lose six hours playing a game you thought you didn’t like.

Earning Respect Gives You Something To Play For

After you have destroyed highways full of cars and killed more people than the plague, you may feel that your gaming experience dips. What brings it back to life is the reputation/respect bars.

There are three factions around the city. If you do their missions, then you get respect from them. If you kill them or steal their cars, then you lose their respect. Earn respect from a faction and get better missions with different vehicles and sexier weapons. Earn the hatred of a faction, and they will bring out all the guns to chase you out of their part of town or kill you stone dead in the street.

The Car Radio Songs

Maybe it is the act of a sad miscreant to love a game for the songs in the cars, but they are a fantastic part of the game. The radio stations change depending upon which vehicle you get into, and sometimes you will find yourself driving a crappy car just to hear to hillbilly song playing in it. Plus, you often hear the radio DJs saying stuff that you knew was a little bit naughty when you played it as a 12-year old. The sound effects also add a lot of depth. The screeching tires, different motor sounds, and the yelling people make the game just that little more juicy.

Take On Missions If You Dare

Answer the phone to take on a mission, hop in a car and do as you are instructed. There is a massive variety of missions, from jumping a gap on a bridge, to taking out a bad guy or committing a bank robbery.

The game is from an age where the world was an unforgiving place. Unlike modern games, you may die at any point. The police may shoot you, or bring out the tanks, or another car may smash into your smoking getaway car and make it explode. It is easy to die in the game, which is annoying whilst also adding a subtle edge that modern games lack (with the exception of FTL).


  • Some of the car radio soundtracks are fantastic
  • Setting up lots of vehicles to explode in succession is still fun
  • Keep blasting until the cops bring you down
  • It is fun pushing your luck until you get to the next re-spray center
  • No eating, working out or dating as with later versions
  • The graphics are a little better than the previous version
  • You can drive through a re-spray place and lose the cops in seconds


  • Wish I could zoom out a little more
  • The view is too limited to enjoy faster cars
  • There is no very long road to speed with the motorbike
  • It is still a low-res 2D game
  • It is sometimes too easy to get WASTED!!!
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